Self-Nav Workshop - 2017 Happy New YOU!

2017 - Happy New YOU! Workshop

Reflect. Rewire. Results.


Welcome to the Self-Nav Workshop Series.

2017 - Happy New YOU! is a powerful 3 hour workshop, you will use this time to define your goals, visions and heart's desires - for your best year ever.

Taking home with you your vision board, goals and the strategies to keep you on track. 

It is specifically designed to enable you to effectively implement these tools into your life, immediately.

Places are limited.

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 About Your Facilitator: Janet Parsons

Janet Parsons is an award winning, internationally published author, speaker, corporate consultant, auditor, process and people educator and a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Practitioner.

Janet has a twenty seven year corporate history working with brands such as BMW, Chandler Macleod, Chubb International and James Hardie International.

A certified workplace trainer and quality assurance assessor, Janet has a diverse skill set in consulting, with areas of expertise including:

  • Personal Development Education
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Quality Assurance Procedures and Processes
  • Research, Development and Creation of Business Education Material
  • Janet is the founder of the Independent Publishing House “Potoroo Publishing.”
  • Janet is the Director of Content and Facilitation of The Best Practice Group.


Feedback for Presenter Janet Parsons

"Janet Parsons is one of the most engaging and genuine speakers I've heard for a long time. Not only is Janet well researched and thorough in her preparations, she is authentic and honest. Janet communicates in a way that reduces complex ideas into easily applied actions with a sense of humour and empathy. I would definitely recommend Janet's presentations."

- Ian D Crilly

CPA, SMSF Advisor, Secure Tax Pty Ltd

"Our Australian soldiers are good at what they do, protecting others. Often they feel helpless when they are separated from family members. What they sometimes need is a hand to get things in perspective. Janet's work has proven to be  a great aid in balancing perspective, and providing comfort when they are separated from loved ones who are faced with life's challenges."

- Mick Flew

Chaplain, Australian Army



"I had the pleasure of watching Janet present at a recent conference. I was really impressed by not just her knowledge of the topic, but her passion and the belivability with which she was able to convey the information."

- Caroline Dawson

Aurora Family Wellness Centre, Seaford







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