"The Five Senses of Love"

By Janet Parsons | Illustrator: Claire Richards


The Five Senses of Love brings home to you and your loved ones a reassurance that Love is always there – to be enjoyed and experienced, with all of our senses, in everyday occurrences.

It truly encapsulates the essence of love as is felt in childhood, bringing back everything that is real and important for children to experience. Beautifully illustrated, The Five Senses of Loves ends a wonderful message to children that they are valued and nurtured in many different ways.




“I love this book. Beautifully illustrated, The Five Senses of Love sends a reassuring message to children that they are valued and nurtured in many different ways. I’m sure this will be on the ‘Can you read this book again?’ list of any child lucky enough to have enjoyed it in the first place.”

Michael Grose 


"I read this book with my children and with our kinder group. I loved reading it aloud and the sentiments are beautifully expressed. My kinder teacher particularly liked the very last page - I just loved it all. Great read for all - a reminder of the good things which are with us every day."



"This book is warm and filled with family which help to make the concept of the five senses personal and accessible for a child to relate to.

It has been executed beautifully. I can see why it has been received well by early childhood education and parenting sectors. It would be great to read-a-loud.

The illustrations are super cute water colours. I could see this working really well as a board book too."

Kids Book Review (


"Seasons of Love"

By Janet Parsons | Illustrator: Claire Richards


Seasons of Love is the second book in the international award winning "Love Series." The continued experiential reminder this time is that Love is found in all four seasons is a heartwarming tale for both reader and listener.





"Open Your Mind and say Ahhh!"

By Janet Parsons 


Open your mind and say ahhh! offers practical and empathetic advice on coping with

adversity in whatever form it appears.

Step through these concise, caring and practical suggestions for looking after yourself or a

loved one when life has delivered a huge challenge.

Be guided towards a calm and positive mindset to begin healing yourself from within.









"The Way"

By Janet Parsons 


When her parents die in a plane crash, seventeen year old Beth Harlow is catapulted from her boarding school in Beijing to Scituate, a coastal village south of Boston.

Beth is to stay with her peculiar Aunt Maggie, the lighthouse keeper and complete her final year of high school.


Plagued by dreams, Beth finds the veil between her vivid imagination and reality thins to reveal:

A past shrouded in magic

A present calling for a hero

And a future she was never expecting!








"Make Mine a Mensch!"

By Talli Kimelman


Do you want to raise happy, well-adjusted, confident, respectful children?

Do you want to know the secret to creating the right balance between love and discipline?

Do you want to know how to have a life at the same time?

Make Mine a Mensch! inspires and empowers parents with a
practical common sense approach to raising great kids, who in turn, grow up to be great adults!

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